This article from the American Psychological Association explores how psychological research is contributing to better brain health and aging. It discusses various interventions being developed to prevent, recognize, and treat mild cognitive impairment, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. The focus is on the importance of early intervention and the role of psychological techniques in maintaining cognitive functions as we age​ (American Psychological Association)​.



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"Psychology is Improving Brain Health and Aging"

"How Music Can Help Create a Healthy Brain"

Published by AARP, this article highlights the significant impact of music on brain health. It explains how engaging with music, whether through dancing, singing, or playing instruments, can improve physical and cognitive functions, reduce loneliness, and enhance self-esteem. The article suggests incorporating music as a therapeutic tool for caregivers and those looking to maintain or improve brain health​ (BMJ)​.

"What is Brain Health and Why is it Important?"

This comprehensive article from The BMJ defines brain health and the various factors that contribute to it. It delves into the challenges of measuring brain health, the importance of a multidimensional approach, and the role of neuroimaging and other advanced techniques in understanding brain function. The article also discusses preventive measures such as physical activity, mental exercise, healthy diet, social interaction, and managing vascular risk factors to maintain optimal brain health​ (BMJ)​.